3 Secrets Behind 21st-Century Teaching

Everyone wants to become the best 21st-century teacher he/she can be. This is true especially in today’s ever-connected world. But what does it really take to become a great 21st-century teacher?

  1. Be a lifelong learner. To offer students as many choices as possible, try your hand at everything. Keep up with the latest trends and technologies. Learn to use all available platforms and tools to enhance the teaching-learning process.
  2. Blog. Chronicle your own journey. This will help you teach by example.
  3. Harness the power of social media. Learn from the best. Follow and connect with them. Let them share their own knowledge with you.

It’s never too late to start. Become a digital native in order to become a true 21st-century teacher!


5 Characteristics of a 21st-Century Teacher

Teaching in the 21st century requires certain characteristics. Here are five of them:

Maintains a learner-centered classroom. As students have access to any information possible, you don’t need to spoonfeed them or teach in a one-size-fits-all manner.

Treats students as producers. Today’s students have the latest and greatest tools and yet barely use them for learning. Teach your students to use their gadgets as learning tools by using them in class.

Goes digital. Go paperless. Use the latest digital platforms for teaching and learning.

Collaborates. Today’s technology allows you to collaborate with virtually anyone anywhere in the world at any time. Use that to your advantage.

Connects. Connect with like-minded peers. Use social media to expand your personal and professional networks.


And no matter what happens, keep


Teaching in the 21st Century

Recent technological advances are affecting the way we communicate, collaborate, learn, and teach. These advances necessitated the creation of terms like “digital natives,” “digital immigrants,” and my favorite, “21st-century teachers.”

Teaching in the 21st century has become a phenomenon. Never before could learning happen anywhere and anytime. But one question remains, “What does it take to become a 21st-century teacher?”

I think a 21st-century teacher should maintain a learner-centered classroom. He/She should treat students as producers and learn to use new technologies. He/She should learn from everyone anywhere in the world. He/She should strive to become a digital native by becoming a lifelong learner. He/She is always on the lookout for the new and quickly adopts the latest trends and technologies to enhance his/her profession.

Welcome to Tutelage!

I’ve been teaching for years. But it has never been as exciting as teaching in this century. Over the years, I’ve learned to use and integrate technology use in teaching and it has been a blast! I’d love for my fellow educators to have the same experience. That’s why I started Tutelage. Join me in my continuing journey as a teacher in the digital age.